New Patient Information

Welcome to Anew Health & Wellness! We look forward to helping you personalize your health journey! Please read all information below before registering as a new patient.

Meeting Your Expectations

Anew Health & Wellness is not a typical family practice clinic. By offering both traditional and functional medicine, we strive to get to know each of our patients as individuals which results in longer appointment times. We spend 30-90 minutes talking and listening to our patients. Our focus is on finding the root cause of illness. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes are emphasized to achieve optimal health.  Lab testing will be completed with new patients. Medications are not the first line of treatment in most instances but will be prescribed if needed.

Clinic Policies

Shoe-Free Clinic

Shoe-Free Clinic: Anew Health & Wellness is located inside Balance Integrative Health & Wellness, which is a shoe free clinic.  We try to create a chemical safe facility and keep toxins from the grass, sidewalks and roadways from entering our clinic.

Fragrance-Free Policy

Fragrance-Free Policy: Please refrain from wearing any scented products, hairspray, perfumes or smoking prior to your appointment as most patients and providers at this facility are chemically sensitive.

Becoming a New Patient

We are glad to have you as a new patient! Please start by creating an account on our New Patient Portal.  This will give us the necessary information to get registered and the opportunity for you to provide us with important patient information.

As a new patient, please register through the patient portal on this page. You will be able to access new patient forms prior to your appointment with Andrea. When appointment is scheduled new patient forms will be uploaded to portal. Please fill out all questionnaires!

Once your account setup is complete, a notification will be sent to our office letting us know you’re interested in an appointment. Someone from the office will get back to you to schedule the next available date and time that works best for you in relation to the availability of the schedule. This usually happens 2-4 weeks prior to your visit, so you may not hear from the office staff for a few weeks after signing up. You can always call to confirm that you are on the list to be scheduled at 563-265-1341.

Follow up appointments and rechecks with Andrea are usually booked about 7-14 business days after lab results or changes to medications are made. There may be times when we can get you in sooner depending on the schedule.